Individual private sessions


I offer online reiki sessions via zoom for either 30-minutes or 60-minutes. 60-minutes sessions are ideal for the first sessions or feeling very stressed, anxious, and out-of-balance. The time is require enough time for deep healing and the re-balancing of your energy. 30-minute sessions are ideal for people who regularly have reiki sessions and require a booster and short re-balancing.


  • All sessions are held via distance on zoom. It is ideal for you to be in a relaxing space lying down.
  • All sessions are held in Australian timezone.

Reiki and sound healing combined

I offer online reiki and sound healing sessions via zoom for 60-minutes. These sessions are enables deep healing using both sound healing and reiki. This healing method is ideal if you are feeling very stressed, anxious, and out-of-balance and the sound can also restore balance and clarity to your situation.


  • All sessions are held via distance on zoom. It is ideal for you to be in a relaxing space lying down.
  • All sessions are held in Australian timezone.

Enlightened Heart® consulting

“No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.” – Albert Einstein

Enlightened Heart® consulting is a process developed by Wesa Chau, founder of Enlightened Heart.  It is a combination of consulting methodologies and expertise in sound meditation.  The power of sound helps people to rise to a higher consciousness level and hence, maximize the impact of other consulting frameworks and methodologies.

There are many methodologies that exist to help people giving the time to create and think – such as the thinking environment, design thinking, adaptive leadership, Theory U, just to name a few. All these methodologies are grounded in theory and can often create wonderful results. However, sometimes when the methodologies are applied at strategy meetings or team meetings, the team is not always provided with the space that enables the mind to quieten and fully utilize the benefits of such frameworks. This means that unless people in the team already have regular mindfulness practices, the methodologies can have limited impact.  In Eastern philosophy, it is said that a quiet mind is like a calm lake, as clear a mirror, to reflect the full picture.  Achieving a calm mind allows people to process broader perspectives, and expand the capacity to understand the full picture, and hence able to bring about the best ideas to support best intentions.

I have experienced many of the methodologies applied in strategic meetings as a member of a board or a member of the executive teams. However, since the limited time provided to think, not the practice to be taken to a deep thinking space, the best ideas only come after the meeting. Even though it is possible to still contribute to the report after the meeting, however, because it was not discussed at the meeting, it is likely to be ignored – opportunity lost. This got me thinking as to how to enable people to be able to bring their best thinking in that meeting room or strategy planning session and prepare people’s thinking space to a higher consciousness level as we apply other methodologies.  When we reach a higher consciousness level we tab into our full personal power and bring forth all our knowledge and expertise into the room. As a sound practitioner for more than a decade, I know what sounds can do and how it can bring people to a meditative state in a much shorter period of time.

The process can be used for individuals or groups

  1. Enlightened Heart® consulting for individuals – 1 hour
  2. Enlightened Heart® consulting for groups – 2.5-3 hours depending on the size of the group (great for strategic planning sessions)

*I am open to work in partnership with other consultants to bring in sound elements to your work.  Contact me for more information.

Who is it for?

Anyone can use this process.  It is particularly useful for conscious activists, high achievers, and professionals who are ready to use different tools for their work. It is a process that is very useful if you need to make serious decisions or solve problems and require more clarity, or you wish to generate creative ideas.

*These sessions are currently NOT on offer due to pandemic restrictions.