Personal cards

I have always wanted to create my own deck of cards, but for a long time I did not know what I should do the cards on, what theme I should use. There are many that are readily available cards off the shelf for purchase already, so what else can I bring that is different?

Whilst I do have a collection of wonderful cards that I use for guidance from time to time, the best guidance I usually get is from within myself – the flash of insight I receive at the most unexpected moments.  The external guidance are usually simply a confirmation of what I already know.  So why do we have to ask external entities for guidance, when we can ask ourselves?  This is what these cards are for and the intent when I created them.  They are guidance from my higher self to myself.

I love wearing traditional costumes for photoshoots.  They show different aspects of me and in this deck of cards I feature some of the photos that speaks to me.  It has been an interesting journey creating these cards, the photo collection has started around 2011 when I began collecting costumes and wearing them for photoshoots.  A special thanks to Wilari Tedjosiswoyo the photographer for the majority of these photos.