About me

About Enlightened Heart

My vision for Enlightened Heart is to bring spirituality into all areas of our lives and shift collective mindset and thinking to optimise actions and outcomes.

I do this through:

  1. promoting sound meditation and reiki as an efficient tool to achieve groundedness and centeredness
  2. supporting individuals and organisations to excel and optimise performance through sound meditations and consulting techniques and achieve even better results.

About Wesa Chau

To me, I am Enlightened Heart and Enlightened Heart is me because my birthname, Wai Sum (慧心), literally translates to enlightened heart in English.  It is a term that is used in buddhism meaning a heart that can understand the wisdom of the buddha. This is a life-long goal I wish to achieve.  I also hold the vision that everyone can achieve enlightened heart, that’s why I created Enlightened Heart that can share my knowledge, wisdom and embodiment to the world.

Healing was natural to me, however my abilities were mostly suppressed because my family didn’t understand it.  They never stopped me from experimenting because I didn’t tell them, but I did not feel I could share with them my journey.  My official introduction to healing started in 2004 when I was officially exploring healing modalities.  As I was doing my research into a whole range of modalities, including acupuncture, aromatherapy, bush flower remedies, energy healing etc… , it became clear to me that I needed to find something that is naturally me and something that really interest me. It was at this time I looked within myself that I realised I love music and sound and it is part of my life and found sound healing – using sound and music for healing purposes.  It was at a time when very few people talked about sound healing or understood the true power of it. The realisation started my journey into the exploration into sound meditation and healing and the practice of sound healing.

I have always been musical – achieving 8th grade Australian Music Examinations Board (AMEB) for piano and 6th grade AMEB for oboe.  I was roped into learning the recorder with my sister at the year of 5 at the age that was not recommended.  Additionally I was a member of a choir and orchestra since primary school, at University I became a conductor for a choir.  Music was part of my life.  If I reflected back into what music brought me was that my life journey is reflected in my music.  For example, when I was young, I was very shy and as a member of the choir I found it very hard to maintain my own part and sometimes drift into other choir parts as I get confused.  As a gained more confidence in myself (around year 11 and 12), I was also more confident in my singing and my ability to maintain my part.  At one point, I became the anchor in my choir section and noticed that if and when I sang out of tune, the whole section sang out of tune – the beginning of responsibilities to concentrate and ensure that I did not sing out of tune.

Through the sound healing journey I undertook, I was introduced to the crystal singing bowl and fell in love with it instantly because I felt that my voice sounded like it.  Since then, I explored the combination of the crystal singing bowls and my voice and developed my own toning methods to combine with the crystal bowls harmoniously, so together we create an angelic-like choir with layers of harmonics.

I work intuitively and create melodies and tunes spontaneously depending on what the client requires.

I am also trained in Reiki Jin Kei Do and medical intuitive and have been practicing since 2005 and in 2021 I became a master in Reiki Jin Kei Do. With all these methodologies combined, I can combine touch, sound and intellectual understanding to bring the best insights on the energy surrounding an illness or a problem.

In parallel to sound healing, I have been working in the space of leadership, including being a role model as a leader myself – in politics, the not-for-profit sector and business have meant that I have led successful national campaigns to help international students and migrant.  Through my work, I have been recognised through prestige awards through the years, including being named Young Victorian of the Year 2010, an inductee to the Victorian Honour Roll of Women in 2012 and many more.  As a consultant, I am trained in respected evidence-based methodologies such as design thinking, thinking environment, u-theory and many more….  I have used the methodologies to work with high performing teams to create more conscious actions and outcomes.

My unique offering is developed through my life’s work, embodying the spiritual and psychological journey one must go through in order to be a leader.

In Enlightened Heart, I combine both my spiritual healing abilities and research-based methodologies to create a service that can be used by individuals as well as organisations and teams to optimise performance and work.  I believe that if we can be true to our spiritual self, it improves our performance in all our work, from our mindset, our thinking to our actions and outcomes.