from Wesa Chau, Enlightened Heart

With strength and love

Spirituality is a concept that is hard to grasp, it’s invisible and untouchable, yet many people feel it strongly and can be deeply transformative. Is it simply meditating in a cave like a monk? Or is it about doing yoga to build a stronger body? Indeed, meditating and yoga are tools to achieve spirituality, but there are many other tools that can help you achieve your own spirituality in your work, play and relaxation.

My name is Wesa Chau, also known as Enlightened Heart (my Chinese name), I started my spirituality path in 2004 before it became a trend and have discovered a diversity of tools that can help me achieve spirituality. Spirituality is not something to find in the external world and only discoverable through looking within to bring out the essence of who we are fully, and express it in our work, play and relaxing times.  The difficulty of course is that nobody else knows who you are – what you love, what your strengths and weaknesses are – except for you, hence you can only seek guides to test some models and ultimately find your own path.  It is like choosing exercises that are suitable for you and your body – everyone is different.

Through Enlightened Heart, I want to share some of my own tools to guide you discover what spirituality means to you.  These may include tools such as music and sound, card decks, painting, art, craft making, crystals, gratitude, dress ups, writing, skipping, pilate, aerial, focus and intent, forgiveness, action through passion (such as advocacy). I hope these tools can be as useful to you as they are to me.