Co-creation: what does it truly mean?

We hear a lot lately about we have now entered the age of co-creation, but what does it even mean from a spiritual perspective?

I had an experience in recent weeks that have helped me understand what co-creation really means.

In the past, when we work our spiritual self, we can be disconnected with our physical self as if they are different entities.  This is why we see people doing meditation, get better, but do not change their habits so the same tension returns and require another meditation.  This goes into a spiral, where the meditation become a pill to help people get better for a short period of time.

In the new age of co-creation that we find ourselves in, we are invited to be in the same meditative state in all our waking and non-waking hours and use the essence of our higher self to create in our physical self.  What that means is, we now use the essence of who we are and use that clarity to achieve what we want in this life. What this also means is it is no longer effective for people to learn healing methodologies from others and simply apply the same methodology or process, it requires your own essence and creativity as guided by the divine to create impact.

To give an example: I was doing seem self-healing one day and I felt like there was something I needed to release in my third chakra.  Normally in the past I would just ‘call on the angels’ to help me to release the tension – that did not work anymore even though it used to for me.  Instead, I needed to specifically ask Archangel Rafaele to come and help me release that tension.  As soon as I had that thought, the tension released, but not the way I expected it might be – instead for it to be lifted, light came in to dissolve the tension.  What I learned from that incident was that we need to have clarity and be very specific about our needs, then surrender and allow the delivery to come the way it requires to.

The incident also suggests to me that the way we used to create vague affirmations is not going to be as effective anymore.  Rather we need to combine our intellect and spirituality to create the best outcome, and we need to be very specific about which part of health we want to focus on or what area of work we require spirit guidance on.  After all,  we are co-creating the new future with the divine and spirits, meaning that we are in the driver seat on what can be brought onto our physical space.
Therefore, in the co-creation era, we must be very clear and strong our needs and wants, so that spirit can assist in helping us get there instead of what could have happened in the past, where ‘we just let spirit guide us’. This doesn’t mean we are stubborn about wants, we must also surrender to allow things to come (meaning that how our want manifests may differ from our original thought), however it is the essence of the intent that requires absolute clarity.  In a sense, we (our higher self) now need to instruct our spirits and guides to help us achieve what our soul truly wants.