What is sound meditation?

What is sound meditation?

Sound meditation is like super-charged mediation because sounds, specially sounds from crystal singing bowls are able to help people achieve a meditative state much quicker than silent meditation. There are currently many sound meditation apps that people can access on the phone, which are great alternatives.  The uniqueness of having sound mediation physically is so the sound frequencies can be felt physically in the body.

Sounds are frequencies. There is sound and frequencies all around us, in every space, from every person and relational dynamic.  You will have experienced good and bad vibes from people, that’s the person’s frequency they give off. Or space that feels right to you, that is when frequency is harmonious between the space and you.  Or you may feel tension with your boss, that is a frequency mismatch.  Like tuning a musical instrument, sounds can tune your body, a space and relational dynamics to a more neutral state. 

How sound meditation help clarity and flow?

Sounds can also create energetic spaces that are help thinking and creativity.  Sound meditation can assist in healing the body, highlight energetic blockages.  I specialize in using them to seek clarity on issues and problems and hence restore flow in my life, both internally in my body and externally in the environment I live in and work in.  The Enlightened Heart consulting process is developed specially to achieve that for others who may wish to seek the same.

How to use sound meditation in your everyday pursuits?

I started my journey learning about the power of sound about 14 years ago.  At the time, it was a new modality back then and not many people knew about it.  In recent years, sound healing and singing bowls (both crystal and Tibetan) is fast becoming a popular healing tool, with more and more practitioners using it for healing.  However, deep down I knew sounds can do much more. When I use my sound tools, there is always a really strong purpose and I select my tools depending on my need.  Over time, I discovered that the sounds can open a space that allows intuition to flow through.  As William Duggan, author of the book Strategic Intuition: The Creative Spark in Human Achievement suggested, the best creative ideas come through intuition.  Sound mediation can remove the blockage and allow creative ideas to come through or help you solve a problem creatively.

When you need to resolve problems, want to generate creative ideas and the need to make important decisions, sound meditation can help you to ground and center yourself.  By centering yourself, it helps to reduce clutter in your head, then you can start listening to your heart and body to restore presence to achieve clarity.