Relationship between a healer and consciousness

For many years I thought having healing abilities equates to being a better person and a higher consciousness.  It was only in the past 2 years I finally understood that they are not equal and being a healer does not mean a higher consciousness and living in the high consciousness does not require people to be a healer, tarot reader, yoga teacher or a psychic.

I recently went to the On the Balcony leadership retreat by the Global Leadership Foundation who have developed a scale to measure consciousness, which is what leadership is really about.  Leaders should be able to operate on high consciousness because they need to work with people from diverse backgrounds (who may or may not have similar views, similar behaviour or similar values). It is one of the best test I have seen in a long time to be able to measure consciousness and help people develop a plan to develop it.

What changed my view that being a healer does not equate to higher consciousness is the group of people we were with were people who are real, there were no sense of superiority, but that everyone was equal but different.  The uniqueness of each person was also accepted fully.  This is in vast contrast to some other programs to learn healing and reading, which in effect simply helped me develop a skill to open myself to different types of energy.  However, what energy you channel through is dependent on the consciousness you operate in.

For example, I have had healing teachers who insist her method is the only method, that only she knows how to do it so in order to do it properly, she must be included in the process.  Despite all the healing they have at their disposal, it appears that they operated from fear and cannot expand and operate on the level of love and abundance.  At the end of the day it is not really about love and abundance in the yoga room, but love and abundance in every aspect of life.  It is not possible to be preach abundance when a person hold the perception that they only knows best.

During the leadership retreat, we did use many would describe as ‘esoteric’ modalities (such as sound healing, Nia, vision boards etc…) used during the program to help activate centers, senses and channels.  The magic happens when the facilitators brought everything we experienced back to real life and have practical purposes.