Sound healing on situations

Sound healing is not magic as defined by most people – it doesn’t change the facts of the situation (I wish it could!), however what it can do is your relationship to the situation, your response to the situation and help to achieve a different outcome.

Sound centers you, gounds you, clears you, which means you can seek clarity on what needs to be done in order to create a different outcome.  There is no magic bullet! It still require hard work in order to change the world.

As an example, if a situation sparks anger in you, the sound brings about peace, changing your reaction to the situation – coming from a place of peace rather than a reaction to anger.  The outcome may changes as a result of your changed action, or at a minimum your reaction to the situation may change.

When sound is applied, there is no judgement on which side is ‘right’ or ‘wrong’, but simply the best for the situation. It also works best when the assumptions are clear and where the pressure points might be.  In my experience, if the situation is not clear it can still work but with lesser impact.